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Treatment Solutions
Treatment Solutions is leading the way, one life at a time. Overcome addiction today and get help now. This site is solely dedicated to individuals with addiction and their families that require moral, emotional and spiritual support to overcome this terrible disease. If you or a loved one needs help, there is a number LISTed on the website you can call today. The site also contains a wealth of addiction treatment articles covering simply every aspect of addiction. Staying sober and drug free doesn't have to be a frightening choice. Make it a fun journey instead!
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Symptoms Of Diseases
There are many curable and incurable diseases in the world. What are the symptoms you should look for in diseases such as cancer, acid reflux, depression, herpes and MS The symptoms vary, however, the website contains common symptoms related to many of the diseases existing today. First and foremost, seeing a medical doctor is most advisable. However, the website features each and every disease and its accompanying symptoms to make it easier for you to identify the illness.
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Seroxat User Group
The Seroxat User Group website was set up by patients in the United Kingdom using Glaxo Smith Kline medication. The aim of the user group is to offer support to patients and their families. This is a well researched website featuring informative articles on mild to severe depression. The core aim of the site is to keep the public well informed and educated on depressive illnesses, alcohol and drug abuse and mental illnesses. Receive a free information pack from the Seroxat user Group today.
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Parent Help Center
Withdrawl Substance Abuse-Heroin, effects of the withdrawl can be during craving, restlessness muscle bone pain, and vomiting.
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Meth & Facts
Meth & Facts contains hundreds of questions on meth and informative answers to follow. What is meth, what are its effects and what are the treatment options available for individuals addicted to the meth drug. get answers, take action and speak up. The site aims to educate the public on how meth can become a lifelong disease which cripples your individuality, creativity and the ability to maintain a job or relationship.
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Point Of Return
Point of Return helps you feel better and live a fantastic life riddle of prescription medication. The aim is to educate, assist, aspire and recover. The empowering of the individual is what Point of Return is all about. The approach taken includes the freedom from prescription medication and involves healthy living. It is not painful cold turnkey. the approach is unique, slow and less painful all done in the environment you are most comfortable in - your home!
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Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drug Information is a comprehensive, popular and up to date source online dedicated to providing the latest data on prescription drugs. The site features accurate information on over 24,000 drugs, natural products and over the counter medicine. The drugs are LISTed by condition, side effects, dosage, drugs by category, commonly abused drugs and more. Search for the drug you want to gather further information on. The site is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment.
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Cannabis Withdrawal
Cannabis Withdrawal focuses on withdrawal symptoms following statistics revealed in the united Kingdom of heavy cannabis users. This site aims to act as a responsible guide for parents and the entire family of cannabis users and others with high risk of cannabis usage. Understand the high risks involved when using cannabis, the harmful effects the drug can have on one's personal and business relationships as well. The effects of this drug can attribute to long term dependency, affecting your brain into becoming chemically dependent to function.
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Antidepresssants Dependence
Antidepressants Dependence features a range of drugs taken for depression and how its long use can make an individual have lasting dependent effects to function normally. The site LISTs withdrawal symptoms in two categories. The first being common symptoms and unlike the illness you've actually had before. The second being symptoms similar to your original illness. You need to learn to distinguish between withdrawal symptoms and the original illness, and this is what the website is here to help you do.
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Medications & Treatment
ADHD Medications & Treatment are designed for individuals afflicted with attention deficit disorder. The medication and treatment aid in helping those increase their span of attention and manage impulse and activity. Sometimes these drugs are suitable to treat sleep attacks and to boost antidepressant effects. Additionally, the website aims to provide extensive information on medication and treatment for a variety of mental illnesses.
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