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Lung Disease

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Vital Imaging
Vital Imaging is a preventive health screening program in the United Kingdom. Using cutting edge technology, Vital Imaging detects the earliest stages of lung, heart and bowel cancer through screening. Many life threatening diseases even in the earliest stage can prevent it from becoming a death sentence. Quick and simple treatment can turn the diagnosis around for the better. Vital Imaging detects many life threatening diseases including colon conditions before it is too late.
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Welcome to the University of Pennsulvania School of Medicine-Department of Medicine including the Pen Lung Center about us pulmonary allergy and critical care division and thoracis surgery division.
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Surgical Tutor
Surgical Tutor contains free educational material aimed at individuals preparing for surgical exams, postgraduate and undergraduate. The site features clinical trials, slide library, discussion groups and more. Clinical Topics offer a comprehensive up to date guide to training in surgery presented in large layouts and chapters. With easy to understand notes and essential revision tools Clinical Topics is now available for sale on the Surgical Tutor.
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Tobacco Addiction
Tobacco hurts everyone and if you don't know it yet, the hope is that this website will help you understand the repercussions of tobacco. Lungs die when you smoke incessantly and this website offers hope to individuals addicted to smoking. There's a way out and light at the end of the tunnel. Hundreds of thousands of people have given up smoking and you can too. Read personal stories of individuals who fought the good fight of giving up their tobacco addiction.
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The Lung Association
The Lung Association has areas of concern which include lung health, pediatric respiratory, asthma, sleep apnea, lung cancer, flu, lung transplant, TB, air quality and public awareness. First and foremost, quit smoking as it not just hurts you but everyone around you. Read through lung diseases LISTed on the website, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about how to reduce the risk of lung disease and keep your lungs healthy.
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Ontario Lung Association
The Ontario Lung Association is a non profit organization, longest standing and most respected in Canada. It is a leader in the control and prevention of chronic lung disease, tobacco secession and quitting, prevention, air quality and the effects on your lung health. The association provides support and education to people living with lung disease. It is a registered charity that provides many programs and services to your and your family.
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Mesothelioma Asbestosis
The Mesothelioma Asbestosis website contains extensive information on asbestosis symptoms, signs for lung cancer, chemo for lung cancer and lung cancer cure. Learn more about this disease and the harmful effects it can have on one's lungs, causing long term health problems. Lead a healthy life and keep your lungs safe from harmful effects of mesothelioma asbestosis.
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British Lung Foundation
The British Lung Foundation is the leader in supporting the fight against lung disease. 1 in 5 people in the United Kingdom are affected by lung disease and the foundation is here to offer their support and services to champion change in the country's lung health. People with lung disease are supported by the foundation. Breathe Easy support groups, in-depth information online and offline, helpline dedicated to answering your questions by speciaLISTs nurses and advisors are some of the services on offer.
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Lung Disease
Lung Disease website contains a wealth of information on disease or disorders of lung condition. The site offers up to date information on obstructive lung disease including asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Learn about the major lung disease and other lung diseases, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and care. The site features valuable advice for patients, their families and healthcare professionals.
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Lung Disease On About
Lung Disease on About features extensive information on a wide range of topics related to lung disease. Some of the elements covered on this site include living with lung disease, obstructive vs restrictive, chronic lung disease in premature babies, risk of lung cancer and lung disease facts. Learn about lung disease, treatment options available and how to reduce lung conditions through healthy living.
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American Lung Association
American Lung Association works with a mission to save lives by improving lung health. Advocacy, research and education are the tools used by the association to keep Americans healthy for tomorrow. The association was established over a century ago and has since led the battle against healthy air and lungs. This is a highly trusted organization which is dedicated to keeping kids off tobacco and conducting research to help save lives everyday.
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Sound Advice
Sound Advice provides services for audiometry testing and noise assessment in one's workplace. Employees are offered health surveillance in the UK where 45 hearing tests per day are performed nationwide. The testing is done for one person or a number of people. Screening audiometry checks the effectiveness of noise control undertaken by the company. The screening should ideally start before recruitment, however, it can be done at anytime.
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Canadian Lun Association
The Canadian Lung Association works to improve and promote lung health. The focus is mainly on conditions like asthma, sleep apnea, TB, flu and so on. Citizens and the government are provided accurate and reliable information. The association advocates for people with lung disease ensuring they are getting proper care. Research, education and advocacy are the three main goals. Also, the association helps doctors and healthcare professionals set high standards in patient care.
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