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Wannas Clinic
Welcome to Wannas Clinic. About us introduction services patients testimonials including, doctor testimonials questions and comments and about Dr Wannas.
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Scottish Hernia Centre
The Scottish Hernia Centre offers prompts diagnosis and treatment to patients suffering hernia. This is a specialized hernia clinic and the best operation results and fastest recovery from hernia can be found right here. Traditional surgery methods have found that patients with hernia have a 10% chance of the condition recurring. However, the recurrence rate if you get treated at the Scottish hernia Centre is only at 1%.
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Umbilical Hernia
The Texas Pediatric Surgical Association features in-depth information on the umbilical hernia. Some of the topics covered on this condition include what is umbilical hernia, symptoms of the disease and treatment for umbilical hernia. There is a number LISTed on the website which refers infants, children and adolescents to surgeons at Texas Pediatric. Study what umbilical hernia is all about and identify if treatment is required.
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Dr. Julio Alejandro
Dr. Julio Alejandro is a leader in gastroenterology in El Salvador. The website provides the opportunity to patients with this disease on the prevention of different types of cancers in the gastric, colon and digestive system. Several surgical procedures are performed at this clinic including colonscopy, endoscopy and intragastric balloon. Sign up for the free newsletter to receive current news of the clinic to your inbox.
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Loyola Medicine
Loyola Medicine is a recognized leader that provides health care. The health system at Loyola University is part of the Trinity health network. Since 2006 the Trinity network has been enacting health care reform. Wherever you live there is a Loyola provider close to you. Extensive primary care is offered which includes family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics and more.
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Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery London provides gallstone and gallbladder treatment, weight loss procedures and groin hernia to name a few surgeries available at the clinic. Regain your health, happiness and well being by consulting surgeon Dr. Andrew Jenkinson. Dr. Jenkinson works privately at the London Clinic on Harley Street. The consulting times are LISTed on the website. Find out what patients say before booking your appointment.
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HPH Corporation
The HPH Corporation introduces the latest and best products for hernia. It is a no risk, 10 day money back guarantee and in the case of international it is a 30 day money back guarantee. Find out more information on the products by clicking on the links provided on the website. Contact HPH anytime by calling the number, toll free in the USA. Look - feel good with the amazing products offered by HPH Corporation.
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British Hernia Center
The British Hernia Center is the only speciaLIST hernia center in the united Kingdom. It is located in the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth. The treatment options available are second to none from the simplest of procedures to the more complex unparalleled speciaLIST experience. The center has state of the art facilities, theaters and patient rooms. This website explains in detail what you need to know about hernia and how it can be repaired through modern day methods.
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The Hale Clinic
The Hale Clinic provides a wide range of hoLISTic treatment. Founded by Teresa Hale, the clinic combines the principles of conventional and complimentary medicine. Treatment is provided through meditation and other forms of hoLISTic approach, in order to help an individual achieve its natural balance and harmony. The clinic was set up in 1987 and has since placed significant emphasis on preventive medicine to maintain a good health during and after treatment.
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E Hernia
E Hernia is an electronic web page dedicated to patients and health care professionals on the management of hernia. The site provides in-depth information on what hernia is, where they occur, how it can be treated and what its complications are. The site was set up by Mr. D L Stoker MD, FRCS with the aim of allowing free access to those interested in knowing more about this disease, and for those afflicted with this condition.
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Back & Neck Pain Relief
Back & Neck Pain Relief lets you live your life free of pain. Watch the video LISTed on the website and learn how others just like you , including professional athletes are living without back and neck pain. The Cool Springs clinic is located in Nashville and has so far performed over 20,000 procedures with a 90% success rate. Aside from the procedure, the clinic ensures the highest quality care and attention to detail provided by an experienced team. Go back to enjoying life - free of pain!
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