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Paranoid Schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia worldwide. Common symptoms include delusions of persecution, jealousy, bodily change, exalted birth and special mission. Hallucination of smell or taste, auditory hallucination minus the verbal form like laughing or humming. The course of paranoid schizophrenia maybe episodic, partial, complete remission or even chronic.
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Priory Journals
Priory Medical Journals were launched in 1994 with the mission of being web based medical journals. A first was on psychiatry, the second on medicine. These medical journals are freely available to medical and nursing staff. Priory has a worldwide membership base. This is an independent journal dedicated to review papers, research papers and other medical works. Journals to be presented soon include surgery on-line, cardiology on-line and nurse on-line.
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Patient UK
Patient UK is a trusted medical information and support portal online. Search for a condition, symptom or medical information to get started. The information is extensive and each topic delves deep into what it really is and offers insight and perspective as a whole. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive updates from Patient UK whether you are a patient or health care professional.
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Mind - Mental Health
Mind a mental health charity to offer advice and support to anyone with mental health problems. The charity is in place to make sure no one faces their mental health issues on their own. There is a mental healthline , local Mind charity shops, legal units, training and consultancy and a wealth of resources for individuals and families worried for themselves, friends, neighbors and so on.
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The Good Drug Guide
The Good Drug Guide contains drug information on healthy mood boosters for the whole family. Read through the information presented on the Good Drug to find the link between one's emotional and mental well being and mood boosters. Whether you are looking for a lifetime of happiness, away from the mental chaos in your brain or the daily grindings of life, the Good Drug will compare, contrast and differentiate to aid you in making a decision.
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Alzheimers Society
The Alzheimer's Society is the leader in its fight against dementia. Learn about dementia, the symptoms, Caring for a person with dementia, training and resources and how to get involved. Sign up for the monthly newsletter and receive the latest news and updates on early dementia, how to live with the disease, assistance for care givers and much more. Find help and services in your area.
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Alzheimers And Dementia
The Alzheimer's Association was formed in 1980 to eradicate Alzheimer completely from society. The official website provides in-depth information diagnosis, symptoms, signs, seven stages, treatment and care for patients suffering from Alzheimer and dementia. There is a 24-7 helpline, message boards and local chapter. Audience include caregivers, patients and their families. The general public and Alzheimer Advocates too can retrieve the best, up to date information on the disease.
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Psychiatry Online
The American Journal of Psychiatry is a widely read psychiatric journal worldwide. The journal is published monthly and psychiatrists and other mental health professionals make wide use of it. No other psychiatric journal reaches far and wide as this one does with immediacy and greater impact. A majority of psychiatrists consider this journal essential in their lives. Learn more about the Psychiatric Journal by visiting their official website.
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