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Cirrhosis Liver

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Liver Transplant Support
Liver Transplants Support contains a personal journey of a transplant patient seeing the process of a liver transplant through his eyes. The site hopes to offer encouragement and support to others waiting on a transplant LIST or undergoing a transplant themselves. The site is operated by Alan who resides in the UK and underwent a liver transplant in 1999. Alan has provided extensive information, step by step, on his liver transplant along with photographic evidence of the procedure.
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Hemochromatosis Links
Hemochromotosis Links contains valuable information this health condition. Links provided lead to books on this condition, newsgroups on hemochromotosis, the hemochromotosis society, information on support awareness groups, societies and groups in a number of countries and the LIST goes on. Visit the website and take a look at the useful and helpful resources and information LISTed on this health condition.
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